2018 Conference Proposal Submission

Our bi-annual conference will be held at Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas on May 21-24, 2018 with the theme, Highways and Hedges: Teaching as Christian Hospitality.

We encourage you to draft your proposal in a word document and copy/paste key text into this form to submit it to ICCTE conference organizers. Your proposal will go through a blind review process.

Deadline for submissions is January 15, 2018.

Submit your 2018 ICCTE Proposal Here

Information on Proposals

Faith-infused teaching involves the practice of hospitality. Applying the construct of Christian hospitality as a framework for professional practice means that teaching is:

    • Relational – Christian hospitality is a relational act. Therefore, teaching is not simply what we do; it is about who we are. As Parker Palmer states, “Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique; good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher.” (Teacher Identity, Professionalism, Reflective Practice, School Partnerships, Parent Relationships, Classroom Community, Faith Integration, etc.)
    • Reciprocal – Rather than viewing hospitality only as the host extending welcome to the guest, Christian hospitality enacted in the classroom is reciprocal, a process of giving and receiving. (Cultural Hospitality, Parent Relationships, Classroom Community, Collaborative Learning, Learner-Centered Practice, Strengths-Based Approaches, Humility, etc.)
    • Responsive – The call of faith is a call of inclusion. Inclusive hospitality requires the teacher to welcome diversity and to be willing to change, responding to the needs of students, so that all can truly belong. (Special Education, Cultural Diversity, Differentiation, Personalized Learning, Linguistic Diversity, Social Justice, etc.)
    • Relentless – We live and teach in complex settings. At times our invitations to our students are ignored, misunderstood, or even openly rejected. How do we persist in hospitality despite these challenges? (Classroom Community, Poverty, Cultural Diversity, Special Education, Challenging Behavior, Systemic Barriers, Linguistic Diversity, White Privilege, Advocacy, etc.)

These thoughts should guide your proposed topic for the 2018 ICCTE Conference. Further on, you’ll have the opportunity to indicate keywords that will help conference coordinators match your research with like-minded others.

Types of Proposals

  • Paper
    • (Scholarship that is completed; includes both theoretical and applied research)
  • Symposium
    • (A session organized by a convener with 2-3 papers exploring a common theme. The convener will serve as organizer, facilitator and discussant for the session.)
  • Poster
    • (An opportunity to share research that is in-progress)
  • Roundtable
    • (A conversational-style session with a focus on promising instructional practices for teacher educators)

Proposal Requirements

  • Proposal Abstract
    • Please provide a 100-word abstract of your proposal’s presentation plan. Keep in mind that this will be the “advertising text” for your session in the program and write it accordingly. For example, “This session invites attendees to consider XYZ. Participants can expect to converse about ABC and practice several strategies related to XYZ.”
  • Proposal Text
    • For the blank titled “Proposal text,” please provide a 400-500 word summary of your presentation including topic/research question, methodology, results, implications, and relevance to the ICCTE audience. The proposal should not contain any identifying references to the authors. In the case of a symposium proposal, the convener/discussant must include a 1-2 paragraph summary of each paper to be included in the symposium and a summary paragraph explaining the overarching thread that unites the papers.
  • Theme Connection
    • For the blank titled “Theme connection,” please write a 100-150 word paragraph describing how your proposal connects to the conference theme. If your proposal does not have a clear connection to the theme, but is connected to the mission of ICCTE, provide support for this assertion.
  • Choose Area of Expertise
    • Please choose three areas of expertise that best fit as descriptors for your proposal. We understand these are broad terms; if necessary, you can add a single “other” option to better describe your submission. These selections will help conference organizers put like proposals together.


Submit your 2018 ICCTE Proposal Here