Discussion Groups

We have moved our current webpage where our International Christian Community for Teacher Educators can remain connected here.

We are leaving this page up for now but anticipate removing it from public access after the 2020 ICCTE Conference at Mount Vernon Nazarene University (May 18-21).

If you have any questions, please feel free to reaching out to our ICCTE Board Communications Coordinators: Jeff Peck (peckjw@grace.edu ) OR Sunshine Sullivan (sunshine.sullivan@houghton.edu).

Additionally, Janet S. Arndt, ICCTE President can be contacted regarding any questions you have about ICCTE (Janet.Arndt@gordon.edu).



Information related to discussion groups for ICCTE members and colleagues:

During the 2012 ICCTE Conference at APU, participants formed discussion groups based on special interests and concerns.  The following groups were created by participants. Contact the facilitator to join the conversation or to ask for further information.



Contact information

Clinical Practice Robert Bonner   rlbonner@georgefox.edu
 International Connections  Heekap Lee  hlee@apu.edu
 Assessment, data-tracking  Janet Arndt  janet.arndt@gordon.edu
 Reflective Practice  Sunshine Sullivan  sunshine.sullivan@houghton.edu
 Responding to Racial and Economic Inequities  Steve and Sharon Metcalfe  Stephen.Metcalfe@mvnu.edu Discussion Page
 Inclusive Education  Ken Pudlas  ken pudlas@twu.ca

The Responding to Racial and Economic Inequities Discussion Group is led by Steve and Sharon Metcalfe of Mt. Vernon Nazarene University. You can join an online discussion by following this link.

The goals of this group are: 1) to provide exposure to a wider lens of work being discussed within Christian higher education about racial and economic inequity; 2) to create opportunities to collaborate with colleagues sharing similar interests; 3) to increase resources for equipping teacher candidates; and 4) to develop a forum for sharing a range of perspectives and contexts for issues within this topic/area. If this particular subject is of interest to you, please contact Steve Metcalfe (smetcalf@mvnu.edu ) to get involved.

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