ICCTE-J Call for Themed Issue: Ethic of Care

ICCTE-J is issuing a call for themed manuscripts related to Christian ethic of care. This issue is scheduled for fall 2018, and offers an opportunity for scholars to contribute articles from a wide variety of perspectives and contexts. This themed issue will be edited by Paul Shotsberger and Cathy Freytag. We desire to hear voices from higher education and PK-12 schools, administrators and instructors, theory-based and more practice-oriented. Possible themes include, but are not limited to:

  • Christian ethic of care vs. ethic of care
  • Theoretical and biblical foundations for Christian ethic of care
  • Hazards and rewards of demonstrating a Christian ethic of care in public schools
  • Factors that mitigate against Christian ethic of care in today’s educational environment
  • Preparing teacher candidates to demonstrate a Christian ethic of care
  • Christian ethic of care as a basis for school/university leadership
  • The influence Christian ethic of care can have on organizational structures

We request that you make your submission no later than February 1, 2018, so that we can consider them for publication in the fall 2018 issue of ICCTE-J.

Consult the guidelines for authors at https://icctejournal.org/home/authors-guidelines/ for guidance on manuscript preparation.  Authors should indicate in the text of their email AND the information sheet that the submission is for the Christian ethic of care special issue.

If you have questions regarding this call or would like to discuss an idea with the editors contact Paul Shotsberger at pshotsberger@swu.edu or Cathy Freytag at Cathy.Freytag@houghton.edu

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