We have moved our current webpage where our International Christian Community for Teacher Educators can remain connected here.

We are leaving this page up for now but anticipate removing it from public access after the 2020 ICCTE Conference at Mount Vernon Nazarene University (May 18-21).

If you have any questions, please feel free to reaching out to our ICCTE Board Communications Coordinators: Jeff Peck ( ) OR Sunshine Sullivan (

Additionally, Janet S. Arndt, ICCTE President can be contacted regarding any questions you have about ICCTE (



What does my $30 annual contribution accomplish?

  1. Our association is not supported by institutional contributions. Your dues will move ICCTE toward financial independence.
  2. It will expand opportunities for research and involvement on a more global level.
  3. It will create greater opportunities to integrate faith and learning more fully in the field of teacher education.
  4. Individual membership enables Christians who serve in public higher education institutions to interact with other Christians in teacher education.
  5. It ensures that the organization exists for future generations of teacher educators.

ICCTE Brochure